Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pirate Party

Jake and the Neverland Pirates is my youngest daughter's newest obsession!  She loves Izzy so she wanted an Izzy party.  

When they came in they picked up pirate gear.  There were eye patches, hooks, swords, red "Jake" headbands for the boys, and pink "Izzy" head wraps for the girls. 
"X" Marks the spot

We had lots of pirate games to play. Unfortunately, March has very unpredictable weather.  It was cold so the party was moved inside :(. 

Ring Captain Hook's hooks 

Walk the Plank!

Pin the mustache on Captain Hook 

Dig for Treasure

Making Pixie Dust ~ Faith (iridescent   glitter) Hope (silver glitter) and Trust  (gold glitter) were all out in our pouch (just like Izzy) 

Create your own treasure box

The table turned out perfect! 

Cannonballs (meatballs) ships and salsa (chips and salsa ) , pirate teeth (popcorn)

Quick Sand (hummus), pirate bones (pretzels), Sea Water (bottled water) Bucky the pirate ship (fruit)

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