Monday, March 31, 2014

Peacock Birthday Party

What 6 year old doesn't beg for a PEACOCK PARTY?!?! 

My daughter started begging a month after her pirate party last year. 
A Peacock party  for a little girl was really hard to wrap my head around.  At least I had a color scheme to work with.  The first thing my daughter and I came up with was pin the feather on the peacock. 
Next she wanted to make peacock mask.  That took some thinking.  I finally decided to buy the black plastic mask with the elastic band (from Michaels) and add sequins.  Then I bought multiple bags of feathers for the girls to glue on. My daughters next idea was for all the girls to paint a peacock on a canvas.  I had to veto this because the mask would need dry time and so would the canvas. would take the mask. (I really wish I would have had time though).  Then I had a brilliant (I think) idea while strolling through Target. They had Easter eggs in 6 different shades of blue/green. These would make perfect "peacock eggs" and there were 6 perpavk.  My daughter was turning 6 so we thought it was fate 😊
Anyway we bought 1 prize per egg (ring, hair clip, silly bands, robins eggs, small puzzle, and bouncy ball). Each child had to find egg 1-6. I am very proud of how this party turned out! 

Friday, October 18, 2013

This is Halloween, Halloween !

It's party time!  The girls had an amazing time partying for Halloween!!
The spooky table was set up with goolish treats!  

Creepy eyeballs
Oreo balls with gummy lifesavers and chocolate chips

I loves making these Frankenstein Rice Krispy treats.  I used mini rolos for the ears :)   


Precious pumpkin goody bags! 

Too many sweets make sick bellies so se started out with spider pizza ( mozzarella string cheese pulled apart made a perfect web) and "fruit candy corn"
(Pineapple, mandarin oranges, and whip cream)

Witch hat ring toss!!!

Eyeball bounce- bounce the eyeballs into the cups 

Bobbing for Apples

Pin the spider on the web

Jack o' lantern bean bag toss  

Photo Booth!!!!!

Jack o'lantern painting!  


Saturday, October 12, 2013

American Girl

My oldest wanted an American Girl party.  

Look at all the dolls!!!

The kids table 
There were soooooo many of them :) 

The doll table

The girls lived that their doll had a seat too 

Turquoise and red were our main colors.  We had ham sandwiches cut into the shape of a star, chips, and Autumn's favorite fruits. We also had Starburst (we used them as markers during BINGO later)

I was so proud of the cake.  It turned out just like I pictured it! 

I painted one side of the frame red and the other turquoise.   The girls were able to choose which side they wanted. 

Find your Inner Star
We went on a scavenger hint in the back yard.   Each girl had to find one star in each color.   The stars all represented a character trait. 

Next we used fabric pens to design our very own doll tshirt.  

B-I-N-G-O!   American Girl Bingo

Before everyone left, Autumn had her picture made with each one of her guest 

Mommy wanted a picture too!