Monday, March 31, 2014

Peacock Birthday Party

What 6 year old doesn't beg for a PEACOCK PARTY?!?! 

My daughter started begging a month after her pirate party last year. 
A Peacock party  for a little girl was really hard to wrap my head around.  At least I had a color scheme to work with.  The first thing my daughter and I came up with was pin the feather on the peacock. 
Next she wanted to make peacock mask.  That took some thinking.  I finally decided to buy the black plastic mask with the elastic band (from Michaels) and add sequins.  Then I bought multiple bags of feathers for the girls to glue on. My daughters next idea was for all the girls to paint a peacock on a canvas.  I had to veto this because the mask would need dry time and so would the canvas. would take the mask. (I really wish I would have had time though).  Then I had a brilliant (I think) idea while strolling through Target. They had Easter eggs in 6 different shades of blue/green. These would make perfect "peacock eggs" and there were 6 perpavk.  My daughter was turning 6 so we thought it was fate 😊
Anyway we bought 1 prize per egg (ring, hair clip, silly bands, robins eggs, small puzzle, and bouncy ball). Each child had to find egg 1-6. I am very proud of how this party turned out!