Saturday, October 12, 2013

American Girl

My oldest wanted an American Girl party.  

Look at all the dolls!!!

The kids table 
There were soooooo many of them :) 

The doll table

The girls lived that their doll had a seat too 

Turquoise and red were our main colors.  We had ham sandwiches cut into the shape of a star, chips, and Autumn's favorite fruits. We also had Starburst (we used them as markers during BINGO later)

I was so proud of the cake.  It turned out just like I pictured it! 

I painted one side of the frame red and the other turquoise.   The girls were able to choose which side they wanted. 

Find your Inner Star
We went on a scavenger hint in the back yard.   Each girl had to find one star in each color.   The stars all represented a character trait. 

Next we used fabric pens to design our very own doll tshirt.  

B-I-N-G-O!   American Girl Bingo

Before everyone left, Autumn had her picture made with each one of her guest 

Mommy wanted a picture too! 

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