Saturday, October 12, 2013

Night Owls

My oldest daughter wanted to have a sleep over party.  She also loves owls so we decided a night owl party would be perfect!  I spent time on Google and Pinterest. I found so many great ideas.   I was able to tweak them for what we needed and pulled off fabulous party! Moons, Stars, Owls and LOTS of girls! 

The cake not only looks amazing but taste amazing too!!

We drew stars out of a bag and they adopted the owl that was in the bag that matched their number.  

Each girl adopted their own special owl.


Facials are a must! 

The next morning we used Mod Posge to create our own unique owls.  I it different pieces out of scrapbook paper and coordinated the pieces.   Then out a complete owl in a ziplock bag.  Each girl received one bag and went to work to create their owl.  They turned out very cute! 

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